Met Gala ’17: Avant Garde

If you aren’t too sure about the whole ‘Met Gal deal‘ then you should check out my last blog post ‘Rei Kawakubo – Flirting with the Absurd‘.

So, last night was the night we’ve been waiting all year for – the 2017 Met Gala.

I was watching Instagram Live/Stories to see the red carpet rundown, along with following celebrities Instagram and Snapchat accounts. There were some guests that stood out to me straight away as having stuck to the theme, others however were a bit of a let down, let’s have a look…

The Best

Rihanna, in the last few years, has become the Queen of the Met Gala, she never fails to be bang on the theme and she knows it. This year she wowed in a layered, laser cut circle dress, it was sculptural and the Jacquard fabric really made it stand out even more, of course the dress was one of Rei’s designs – it was definitely the most ‘keeping with the theme’ outfit of the entire night. With the sharp nails and laced up shoes she was still entirely ‘Rihanna‘.


Dakota Johnson looked stunning in this black Gucci gown, at first glance you might think it’s nothing special but pay close attention to how the fabric flows and falls. With its slight asymmetric skirt and train, the gathered fabric at the shoulders and a slight twist in the skirt it definitely has Rei vibes. Keeping her makeup simple was definitley a good idea, it lets the dress do all the talking.


Lily Aldridge has definitely broken out of the ‘Victoria’s Secret‘ box, she remains sexy however in a more unconventional way, the slinky Ralph Lauren dress alone would be typical Aldridge on the red carpet however throw on the amazing red thigh high Balenciaga boots and a tulle face-mask and it is transformed.


Like Rihanna, Cara Delevigne has never been afraid to stick to the theme of the Met. This year, complete with freshly shaved head for an up-and-coming film she wowed in a silver tailored suit, who else could make this Chanel suit look so effortless? Avant-garde this definitely is.


Zendaya, the Princess of the Met Gala, stood tall in a Dolce and Gabbana gown. Maybe not obviously ‘Rei’ this outfit did still stand out against some guests, who else would be brave enough to wear a princess gown with a beautifully structured bodice and twisted sleeves?


The Worst 

I was horrified to see Rihanna at the top of many ‘Worst Dressed Lists’ – whoever was writing them clearly doesn’t have an ounce of knowledge about the theme/designer.

First up is Bella Hadid, model and friend to the Jenners… she braved in this skin-tight bodysuit – what was she thinking? I think it was just a chance for her to show off her slim figure.. I wouldn’t really call it avant-garde.


Kylie Jenner wearing a figure hugging nude emblazoned dress… it’s like 2016 all over again. I wouldn’t exactly say she was paying homage to Rei or Comme des Garcons let alone being avant-garde… She wears this kind of item on a daily basis.


Jaden Smith, complete with his freshly chopped off dreadlocks in hand, was dressed in simple black t-shirt, black jacket and black trousers look… not too far from what he wears already. Thinking about some things that he has worn in the past (remember that time her wore a dress) this was a very safe option.

"Rei Kawakubo/Comme des Garcons: Art Of The In-Between" Costume Institute Gala - Arrivals

Sofia Richie wore this high shine, metallic number with slicked back hair and a biker jacket – more nightclub than Met Gala/Rei/Avant-garde, don’t you think?


And finally, Nicki Minaj. This outfit could have been great, but the Rei Kawakubo face that has been placed on the dress (?) just didn’t do it for me – there are better ways of paying homage. The outfit had a lot of potential, the asymmetrical sleeves and emblazoned train were great but it just had something missing… a skirt perhaps?


If you want to see any more of the outfits from the Met, then I highly recommend checking out the Vogue YouTube ‘Met Gala‘ playlist as Vogue’s Andre Leon Talley interviewed many.

 Let me know your best and worst of the Met Gala.



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