Fragrance Project: Clarity

Yesterday was presentation day, which means we have now nearly finished our project and first year will be over soon. It is crazy how time flies!

In this blog post, I am going to be running through what our brand idea is and how we decided on the print and video adverts.

What was our idea?

Our idea stems right back to our initial research into fragrance trends and natural ingredients, as a group we were intrigued to find that some, such as lavender and jasmine, had beneficial qualities. Taking on board this information we were looking into statistics based around sleep and productivity:

“Nearly 40 million men and women suffer from sleep disorders, however, sleep problems affect more women than men.”

Due to this we thought that women should be our target market, which helped with the branding and advertisement planning.

Through further research into the ‘sleep product’ sector we found that most products were aimed at bettering the quality and duration of the users sleep pattern, however we wanted our product to be more than that. When looking into women’s campaigns, such as ‘This Girl Can’ and ‘Like A Girl’, we found that they were based around pushing women to be and do whatever they wanted. We wanted this to show through our brand as well, we wanted to tell women that they can do whatever they want with their days and a better sleep will help them to achieve more.

So our final idea was a diffuser that released a lavender and jasmine ‘sleep’ scent of an evening in the users bedroom, this would be set on a timer that they can alter if needed, and a citrusy ‘morning’ scent which would wake them up in a good mood. Our message is that a good sleep will allow you to fill your day with activities, socialising and productivity – you can go to work, exercise and see friends if you want.

What was our print advert?

In the print advert, we wanted to show two sides, one being the ‘Before’ using the product and the second being an ‘After’ using the product. For the before photo we wanted to show the user in a rough sleep – shown through dark and moody lighting, then in the second photo we wanted it to be brighter with cool lighting, confetti and flowers in the model’s hair.

The final advert is one that I made from two of our photoshoot images, I took inspiration from a Paolo Roversi Italian Vogue editorial that I had seen in a lecture and by using a Polaroid style that we had included in our mood boards I layered the ‘After’ photo on top of the ‘Before’ to create this…

Final Ad Print.jpg

What was our video advert?

For our video advert, we wanted to show a stop motion day-in-the-life style of our consumers day – complete with the working day, going to the gym and evening drinks. Again, like the print ad, we showed a ‘Before’ and ‘After’ style which meant that part of the video played in black and white to show our consumer being tired and lethargic throughout her day and then it reversed after the gym and begun again with a flourish of confetti to show a new, better day. With the second part of the video our model was in better spirits and enjoying her day more, she even had the energy to go out for drinks with friends.

(Here are some stills from our video)


So that is our final idea and advertisements, let me know what you think.



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