Vogue Archives: July 2013

Recently when looking through my collection of Vogue magazines I found that I was looking at them differently than I must have when I first got them, for example this particular issue I had when i was just 15 and getting into the ‘Vogue’ world.

Image (13)

The cover star for this issue was actress, Helena Bonham Carter, who at the time was about to play Elizabeth Taylor in a BBC biopic with Dominic West as Richard Burton. We all know that Elizabeth Taylor was known for her glamour and incandescent beauty whereas Carter is mostly known for her theatrical and eccentric glamour; both are well presented in the photographs through the feature.

“Helena Bonham Carter has the best laugh; a helpless, filthy and mischievous cackle.”

As the issue was based around ‘ageless’ style we see Carter in many different styles of clothing inspired by the early 20th century, particularly the 1940’s. To me it has a very old Hollywood vibe with the tight corseted gowns and an abundance of lace and netted headdresses. Each shot is romantic and elegant but mysterious and dark, the great work of photographers Mert and Marcus, along with the styling of Lucinda Chambers are behind this.


When I was researching this shoot I found a quote from Lucinda Chambers, the stylist, who said that she had given the hat to Carter and said “I wish that I had a moustache to go with it”, for Carter to reply “I have one in my bag.”

Of course – if anyone were to carry around a moustache it would be Helena Bonham Carter.


Helena has always been known for having her own look and being able to take on and fully execute any role that she is given, perhaps the Johnny Depp of actresses and this photo shoot shows that well, Lucinda spoke of how she didn’t give Carter a character but instead let her change with the clothes.

Image (9)




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