First Year: It’s Over

A few days ago, was my final day of the first year of University, I handed in my final work and then celebrated with friends.

Without trying to sound cliché; the past 8-and-a-bit months have been a blur, they’ve gone so fast and I cannot believe it’s already over. For me so much has changed since coming to university, I feel like I’ve grown a lot but at the same time I still feel like that timid 18-year-old with all these expectations and ideas about what university was going to be like.


While Freshers week only feels like yesterday, or maybe that’s just my two-day hangover, it also feels like absolutely ages since I first moved into my flat and begun my first project in university – 70’s rib stripes are a thing of the past… well obviously, but you’ll understand if you’ve read this post.


This morning while packing up the remnants of my room before moving home I was thinking through all the work that I’ve done over the past 8 months, all the groups that I have been a part of and the amount of times I’ve stood in a queue waiting to get my final reports printed. It has been such a good year, and presentations aside, I have loved every second of my course.


Before starting this course, I still wasn’t entirely sure what it would entail, no, I still couldn’t tell you what it is we exactly do. It is a whole bundle of ‘stuff’ – branding, marketing, fashion forecasting, trend research, fashion history, photography and, well, the list goes on…


My parents and teachers weren’t all really that keen on me doing this course, they’d rather I was doing something more academic – well English maybe or journalism, or fine art but I knew all along it was right for me, and I’m glad that I have stuck with it.


I have learnt a lot over the past 8 months and I’m really excited to see what second year will bring me. Now what am I meant to do for the summer…





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