As you might know from my previous blog posts I have finished university and have now moved back home for the summer, and that means that I have a lot a lot of free time.

When we think about the summer break it is always filled with fun, trips to the beach and doing anything you like – well so far my summer has been nothing like that. Most of my friends are either working or still in university/college so they’re always busy during the week and I have been so bored.

I’ve had no motivation to go anywhere, as I’ve got a ‘what’s the point?’ mentality at the minute – what’s the point in going anywhere if I’m going to be by myself… won’t I just be bored?

However, I have picked back up my paintbrushes, that I put down about a year (or more) ago when I finished my art A levels, and started painting again. I painted a couple of portraits with acrylic paints as I’ve been wanting to for ages and I also have done a couple of sketches, however it got to today and I had absolutely no interest in doing anything.

I’m hoping that I get out of this weird mood and next week I want to try and leave the house… at least once?

I’ve also noticed that I have no interest in writing about fashion at the moment, I cannot be bothered looking through fashion magazines or even shopping – maybe having no money is the reason behind that, but I’ve applied for multiple jobs so hopefully I will soon have a bit of money to spend on new clothes.



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